04. October 2018
CHOPIN, this beloved composer’s life and music will be the centerpiece of my upcoming concert at the Lafayette Library Community Hall on Sunday, Oct 21, 2018. While performing his preludes, waltzes, mazurkas, polonaises, ballades and his Fantasie Impromptu, I will also be weaving in Chopin’s most interesting life stories that include the politics of his time affecting his music and his romantic loves. One of Chopin’s most devastating news was when he was in Stuttgart traveling from Vienna...
14. August 2018
Andrea Bocelli’s biopic “The Music of Silence” had me thinking: in the film, his voice teacher asked, “Are you willing to make music the only reason to live?”

22. July 2018
I think back how I managed pressure during competitions as a teen. It can be daunting to perform perfectly in front of a forum of judges. I always wore my Selix tux and patent leather shoes, the shinier the better...
15. July 2018
Since I was a child, all I ever wanted was to be a concert pianist. Perhaps I did not know what it really meant then, but at age 5, I was fascinated with classical music.

07. July 2018
Upon returning from my first Hawaiian vacation, my parents announced, “Kids, there’s a big surprise waiting for you at home!”. Sure enough, a shiny gleaming 6’ Baldwin grand piano was in our living room. I was so excited!..
01. July 2018
My first piano lesson was with Mrs. Highland who was right across the street. We lived in La Canada then. I was just turning nine which I later found out to be a late age to start for exceptional kids...