The Music of Silence

Andrea Bocelli’s biopic “The Music of Silence” had me thinking: in the film, his voice teacher asked, “Are you willing to make music the only reason to live?”


Music has been so much my life although there were crossroads, such as when I worked at Nanometrics, a tech company, at age 22 at my dad’s behest. Circling back after a year in haste, I knew I would be pained with a silenced heart.



“Are you prepared to make great sacrifices?” his teacher continued. Piano lessons, daily practice, memorizing, a head full of music and notes take away from other entertainment, but I have always enjoyed my moments at the piano mesmerized, caressing the black and whites until I ached.


Bocelli had an unconventional start from his early days in the small village of La Sterza, Tuscany onto the world stage. He was born with glaucoma but had a naturally gifted voice. “If God had a singing voice, he must sound a lot like Andrea Bocelli,” said Celine Dion. His sacrifices have returned multiple times a favored place in music history.