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Since winning his first competition at age 15, Gregory Taboloff has wowed audiences across the world from Carnegie Hall to Moscow.

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Some of Taboloff's most distinguished awards.


Brussels, Belgium

Queen Elisabeth Competition


San Francisco, California

San Francisco Music Club Award


Redding, California

Shasta Symphony Young Artist Award

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Moscow, Russia

Tchaikovsky International Competition


New York City, New York

Frinna Awerbach International Competition


San Antonio, Texas

San Antonio International Piano Competition


Palm Desert, California

Joanna Hodges International Piano Competition


Fremont, California

Fremont Philharmonic Young Artist


Baltimore, Maryland

Munz Competition (Peabody)


Ventura, California

Ventura Symphony Concerto Competition

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In addition to his myriad awards, Taboloff has supported a wide variety of charitable causes.

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“Taboloff’s playing is charged with fresh, bristling spirit… irrepressible energy… poetry, genuine introspection.”


Tim Page / New York Times

“Taboloff plays with all the conviction of a great Russian pianist.”


Sovetskaya Muzyka / Moscow

“…[Taboloff’s] fluency of technique winningly encompassed the virtuoso pieces.”


Robert Commanday / San Francisco Chronicle

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“Taboloff is truly a wunderkind at the keyboard, totally in command and on top of the virtuosic, rhapsodic music."


Dave Roberts / Contra Costa Times

“Taboloff gave an assured, crowd-pleasing performance... he gave each an imaginative account... Taboloff played with a great deal of feeling for the music."


Georgia Rowe / Contra Costa Times

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“...Taboloff's commitment to the emotional soul of the music is unmistakable.”


Ger Erickson / The Press

“...Taboloff handled demands with consummate ease and skill… playfully swapped melodic lines... displaying superb finger work and musicianship in cascading scales, trills and flourishes.”


Robert Collins / Contra Costa Times

“...Taboloff's performance was impressive!”


Richard Pontzious / San Francisco Examiner

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“Bravos greet world premiere… Taboloff unveiled ... his own concerto for piano and orchestra before a wildly enthusiastic audience filling the Hoffman Theatre…”


Harriet Ainsworth /East Bay Times

“ As good as the Beethoven Concerto was, {Taboloff's "The Mystic") made an even greater impression...cast in grand manner. Unlike many contemporary composers, Taboloff is a great melodist. His melodies are memorable, seethe and undulate... you are reminded of the exotic atmosphere of Grieg…but always... the dynamic tension of Rachmaninoff. Let me state in unequivocal terms...forget those abrasive contemporary composers. Give me Taboloff any day.”


Joseph Gold / Piedmont Post