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22. July 2018
I think back how I managed pressure during competitions as a teen. It can be daunting to perform perfectly in front of a forum of judges. I always wore my Selix tux and patent leather shoes, the shinier the better...
15. July 2018
Since I was a child, all I ever wanted was to be a concert pianist. Perhaps I did not know what it really meant then, but at age 5, I was fascinated with classical music.

07. July 2018
Upon returning from my first Hawaiian vacation, my parents announced, “Kids, there’s a big surprise waiting for you at home!”. Sure enough, a shiny gleaming 6’ Baldwin grand piano was in our living room. I was so excited!..
01. July 2018
My first piano lesson was with Mrs. Highland who was right across the street. We lived in La Canada then. I was just turning nine which I later found out to be a late age to start for exceptional kids...